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Welcome To Science Connections

Mrs. Looney email:  

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This Week: April 24th-28th
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April Homework Night:
Two blog assignments due Friday

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Chapter Test or Quiz Dates:

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April's Science Benchmarks:

Group 6 Forensics   Big Idea "Life Science"  

 Forensic Lab "Sketch A Crime Scene"

Group 5: Earth Science   Big Idea"Chapter Twenty-Three: The Solar System

Group Four "Life Science" We will be learning about  "Chapter 15 "Beyond The Solar System"   

Group Three "Life Science" We will be learning about "  Chapter 13 "Earth, Moon, and Beyond"

When you're absent : Directions: Please work on the HW assignment on the day you're absent. It's DUE the next day to receive credit for being out. :) 

Homework: Print out worksheet and answer questions. Bring in the next day for credit.

Group Six: Forensic Case Three
Group Five, Four, and Three:
Questions : 1. Which galaxy is he in ?    2. What is a solar system?   3. What is the Sun?   4. How many planets are in our solar system?
5. Write down order of our planets    6. Write two facts for each planet.  7. Why is Pluto not a planet in our solar system?

Group Three, Four and Five :
Questions: 1. What is the formation of the solar system?   2. What is a super nova? 3. What is a Solar Nebula?

Group 6: Bill Nye The Science Guy Forensics
Bill Nye Forensics Worksheet


Group Three, Four, and Five
Questions: 1. What are black holes?    2. How is a black hole born? 


1.       What evidence might kidnapped children leave behind that would contain their DNA?

2.       How easily do you think DNA evidence can be contaminated?

3.       How does a forensic department avoid confusing DNA profiles in a contaminated sample?

Group 3/4 : Go to
Brain Pop click on science :   Famous Scientist
Click on "Movie" watch and take notes.  
Click on "Activities" and  choose two.
Click on "Quiz" print out your grade to receive credit.  

Group 5/6:  Go to
Brain Pop  click on science:  Famous Scientist
Click on "Movie" watch and take notes.
Click on "Activities" choose two.
Click on "Quiz" and print out your grade to receive credit.

Group Three, Four, and Five
Questions: 1. What is a meteor?    2. What is the solar junk yard?  3. What is a meteoroid?    3. What is a meteorite?

Question: What is a comet?

Group 6:Who ate the cheese?

Group Six ACT Vocab  Quiz Wednesday, April 17th

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April 23-28th: Upper Classmen Off site Field trip: "Mrs. Looney and Ms. Sage "

April 24th: Field Day is May 22nd " Breakfast ~Games ~ Pizza ~ Field Day Team Shirt " Total $15.00

May 1st-4th: Finals Review Week/Senior Review week
May 8th-12th: Finals Week (Mon-Wed)
May 12th: Senior Picnic

May 17-19: End of year conferences for Returning Students for Fall 2017 . Please contact Ms. Sage to schedule.

May 20th: Senior Breakfast at Mimi's Café
May 22: Field Day /Last day of School
May 23: Graduation Ceremony at 6:30pm-8pm World Outreach Mission church

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