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This Week : May 21st, 2018

Fourth Quarter Group Science Benchmarks

Group 3:
Wk1&2 :Physical Science
Wk 3 &4:  Physical Science

Group 5:
Wk 1&2: Physical Science
Wk 3&4: Physical Science

Group 5 & 6
Wk 1&2: Meteorology
Wk 3 & 4: Meteorology

Group 3:
Wk1&2 : Physical Science
Wk 3 &4 : Physical Science

Group 4: 
Wk 1&2: Physical Science
Wk 3&4: Physical Science

Group 5 & 6
Wk 1&2: Astronomy 
Wk 3 & 4:  Astronomy

Group 3:
Wk1&2 :Review for Finals
Wk 3 &4:  Final Exams 

Group 5:
Wk 1&2: Review for Finals
Wk 3&4: Final Exams

Group 5 & 6
Wk 1&2: Review for Finals
Wk 3 & 4: Final Exams

GPS Student Reminder: All students need to have 1 inch binder and four color tabs & Agenda Book for Fourth Quarter.

When you're absent or Inclement Weather Assignment   : Directions: Please work on the HW assignment on the day you're absent or inclement weather. It's DUE the next day to receive credit for being out.

Monday Assignment:
Group Five and Six Assignment:
Science Lab Ocean Floor

Group Three and Four Assignment:

Questions: 1. What is a galaxy?   2. What does our solar system look like?  3. What is the role of the sun?  4. How many planets are in solar system?
5. Draw all eight planets and write two facts for each planet.

Tuesday Assignment:  

Group Five and Six Assignment:
1. What is a Tsunami?
2. What type of sources causes Tsunami?
3. What is a up surge in the water levels?

Group Four and Three Assignment:
1. What is a black hole?
2. How is black hole born?
3. What is a mini black hole?

Wednesday Assignment:

Group Five and Six Assignment:
Directions: Choose is two activities
Third Grade Science Choice Boards Common Core

Group Three and Four Assignment:
Choose Two activities from Tic-Tac-Toe Board 

Thursday Assignment 

Group 5 & 6 : Go to
Brain Pop click on science :   Cells
Click on "Movie" watch and take notes.  
Click on "Activities" and  choose two.
Click on "Quiz" print out your grade to receive credit.  

Group 3&4:  Go to Mars
Brain Pop  click on science:  
Click on "Movie" watch and take notes.
Click on "Activities" choose two.
Click on "Quiz" and print out your grade to receive credit.

Friday Assignment 

Group Five and Six Assignment:

Questions to answer:

1.     What percentage of the earth is Ocean?

2.     The deeper we go in to the ocean, the ___________________ the pressure.

3.     The deeper you go in the ocean, the more _________________________________ and the higher the pressure.

4.     Seawater absorbs ______________________.  The deeper you go in the ocean, the ______________________, and you can’t see a thing.

5.     Why can’t you just use a tube to breath under water?

Group Three and Four Assignment:
Questions: 1. What are the types of stars?
2. What is a supernova? 3. How is star born?

                No Homework Policy

Dear GPS parents and students, 

     This school year, homework will only consist of in-class work your child didn't finish during class time. There will be No Formal Homework assigned unless requested.

     As an educator/parent, I ask you to spend time with your child in the evenings to promote opportunities for success in their learning.  Eating dinner together, cooking, enjoying an outdoor activity, and get your child to bed fearly.

Thank you,

Mrs. Looney

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GPS Reminders:

May 21st: Last Full Day of School/Senior BBQ Picnic/ Student Award Day 

May 22nd: GPS Graduation Ceremony at 6pm  Students "MUST" arrive at the church no later 5:45.

May 22nd: Fourth Quarter Report Cards go home 
Have a Great Summer! 
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Gentlemen Ceremony Formal Wear: 

Ladies Ceremony Formal Wear: 

World Outreach Church